Bonsai is Life.

Meñoza Garden started last 2014 when the owner, Gilbert Villegas Meñoza, started to think of a new product to sell in his ornamental plants business venture. He used to sell mango seedlings, durian seedlings, pandakaki, and the like. When he encountered a supplier of bonsai materials way back in 2013 at General Santos City, he decided to purchase some materials even if he does not have ample knowledge about bonsai making and selling. After few months of experiment, practice, and hardwork, he began to design his own bonsai and he successfully managed to produce quality products. He decided to include bonsai as one of his products to sell in his plant nursery located near his house. A lot of medical doctors, businessmen, and other bonsai collectors appreciate his bonsai products.

Later on, he became passionate about his bonsai making and he wanted to earn at the same time, so he decided to buy, enhance, and sell more bonsai materials.

At present, Meñoza Garden is one of the most affordable bonsai sellers in Davao City and is a member of Davao Bonsai Society. Their prices are always negotiable, and they are active in Trade Fair exhibits during Araw ng Dabaw and Kadayawan Festival at SM Ecoland Parking Lot C.

We sell bonsai, bonsai materials, bonsai lime sulfur, pandakaki, succulents, and other ornamental plants.

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